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Why Choose Starstruck

Why Choose Starstruck?

Here is what students, parents, and alumni have to say about Starstruck.


Testimonials posted on Starstruck’s voting page for Denver’s A List:

*I cannot say enough positive things about the owner and Starstruck Academy of Dance.  As the mother of a teenager, I am forever grateful of the environment and the teachers.  They are wonderful examples of caring, inspirational, and dedicated people who encourage their daners to be their best self every day!!



*This dance studio changed my daughters life! Nothing but positive amazing things! Been to other studios, nothing compares to Starstruck!

Marlo P.


*Starstruck builds character, along with dance technique!

Rosella H.


*Starstruck isn’t just a dance studio, it’s a family.  I am a Starstruck alumni and I absolutely loved my time at the studio and even after I feel a strong connection to the teachers and dancers at Starstruck.  Lisa Holtz Odell is the best of the best and takes the time to know each dancer individually.  This dance studio helped me grow not only as a technical dancer but also as a young woman.  I owe a lot of who I am to Lisa and the other dance teachers at the studio.  You will not find a better place to dance, learn, practice, build friendships, or grow.

Hope B.


*My daughter couldn’t be happier with her decision to dance at Starstruck. She feels supported and challenged everyday.

Michelle S

Testimonials posted on Starstruck’s Facebook Page:

*Best decision we ever made for our daughter. This is a studio that cares about everything that goes into a growing girl. Supportive and positive. Wonderful teachers and mentors. Truly blessed that my daughter had somewhere else but home to grow through her teenage years.

Heather A.

*My three girls love dancing at Starstruck! They focus on each of their individual strengths and continue to challenge them in the most positive manner. Lisa and her staff have made a huge impact on their confidence and helping them fulfill their goals in dance - thank you.

Stacie M.


*All of the staff at Starstruck completely changed my life in a positive way, and although I don't dance anymore I will forever be grateful for all of the memories that I made in my 14 years there!:)

Natalie H.


*Outstanding dance studio! Professional and talented staff! Highly recommend Starstruck to anyone, of any age, to begin and continue their passion for dance!

Gina S.


*So thankful our daughter found Starstruck and the Odell family. She is truly a stronger, tougher person because of her experiences with the SS dance company, and is soon leaving for college a well-equipped young woman -- not to mention an accomplished dancer who loves to perform and take care of her body and mind. THANK YOU to Lisa, her family and staff for years of growth and memories.

Julie B.


*Absolutely the best dance studio in Denver!! While I was there; Lisa and the rest of the faculty not only taught me how to dance well (became a professional dancer in LA; thank you very much! ;-) but they also instilled in me an incredible work ethic, and gave me the tools to be successful OUTSIDE of dance as well. I cannot thank you enough.

Alex P.


*A little over a year ago my daughter transferred to Starstruck from another studio based on recommendations by coaches of her high school dance team, her friends and their Moms. Within a month I saw a difference in her technique, her confidence and her love for dance. I credit Starstruck - Lisa Holtz Odell and the other extremely talented instructor team - for teaching and encouraging my daughter to a place we could not have imagined she would be in a short amount of time. We love this studio and our only regret is not enrolling her here sooner. Hands down, all-around the best of the best.

Julie H.