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Bree Graves

Bree has been dancing for twenty-three years, thirteen of which were at Starstruck, and has been teaching for eight. She graduated from Chapman University with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Leadership and Organizational Skills. As a dancer, Bree has had the privilege of assisting many big names in the industry including Joe Loera, Dee Caspary, Brian Friedman, Justin Giles, Gil Mata and the entire LA Dance Magic staff. She was also a dancer with the professional company SoulEscape under the direction of Justin Giles. Bree has done several live performances including dancing in fashion shows, two off Broadway productions, several performances with the professional company Soul Work, and the prestigious Carnival Choreographers Ball in Chicago. Currently, Bree is dancing with the local professional company Mpact. As a teacher/choreographer, she has had the opportunity to work with students in Colorado, California, London, and South Africa. Bree is so excited to be a part of the Starstruck family.